About This Project

I want to build a new cultural center focusing on large-format photographs in combination with a drive-in food and store in Lofoten, workshops and courses.

I bought a large plot in Flakstad municipality at Ramberg beach in Lofoten in August 2015 and has since worked intensively to plan the construction of a gallery, courses and workshops with a focus on photo transferred on different materials.


Work areas for those who want to work with analog techniques, large format cameras and darkroom, and those who want to learn how to transfer their images on substrates like watercolor paper, textile, wood, metal, ceramics, glass or anything else and make permanent copies in various formats that are not made on a digital printer, but made by hand using old photo techniques and self-composed phototoemulsions.

This may be of interest to photographers, visual artists, craftspeople, both professionals and amateurs of all ages. I have held courses in this field for over 40 years and have the experience and the expertise needed. I also know well about the most what is happening in this field worldwide and am in contact with many other people who work and teach in this field.


Lofoten attracts many photography enthusiasts and have several firms who rely on photography, but there are no similar establishments there. I hope to build a business that can attract many and benefit many, locally, nationally and internationally.


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In Short

Establishing an art and photography gallery in Lofoten in northern Norway together with artist in residency live-in, drive-in food and workshops

Other information

Flakstad Municipality is one of the restructuring municipalities in Norway that has been selected to develop further the concept of "Future fishing village" in continuation of the "Future village" project.