About This Project

This is my old main website, build by Flash programming for a computer use only. It does not work on pads or phones.


As long as the old technology is still available this site can be still used on a computer with Flash program installed.


This is a website created as a computer art project. It changes each time it is opened a new. There are lots and lots of variations and hidden entrances and exits that one can play with.


I will keep this site available and updated as long as this old technology still exists and can be used.


However I felt it was important to update and make my work available for phone and pad users as well. That is why the old site has been reconstructed.


But if you are interested, you can still visit the old site from this link: >>

and you can download the required flash player here >>



In Short

My previous web page was built in flash which allowed a smooth and transparent appearance. It is still available on computers with flash program installed. Not for pads or phones.