About This Project

This is a computer art interactive project.


It has been created to sum up and put together all the wishes collected during the years 2006-2016.


All the texts and the pictures you find there have been placed by scanning the physical notes left in my “great walls of wishes” at 6 different exhibition in 6 different countries: Xiamen, China in 2006; Cacaofabrieken, Helmond, Holland in 2007; IKM, Oslo, Norway in 2007; Filattiera, Italy in 2008; NYC, USA in 2008 and finally Moscow, Russia in 2015.


People have also been uploading their wishes and pictures themselves actively since this website has been published.


This website is programmed by Flash system for a computer, it does not work on pads or phones. As long as Flash program and computers are still available, it can be used and interacted with. One can put a wish or a picture and send it to the cyberspace. Please, follow the instructions! One can also interact with other users by making comments and creating discussions.


This site is constantly changing and growing. The subject of growing and falling walls is as relevant as ever. By playing with this art project you will be supporting my concept of focusing people┬┤s attention to an important issue.


Please, use this site and interact!


Each time you place something onto this virtual wall of wishes, either a text or a picture, you will be rewarded by a bonus in form of activated  fortune telling weal that will give you a prediction or a recollection.


wailingwall.no >>
remember to download the required flash player here >>



In Short

An interactive website for use on a computer with Flash, not for pads or phones.