About This Project

This project has been initiated by a business innovation company Hipocampus. They have been suggesting different solutions to different businesses in order to make the workers to contribute to innovation, unconventional thinking and to avoid stagnation.


By creating this unconventional environment that could be easily converted to different combinations of rooms and change easily in minutes from open to closed space they hoped to make people think better and play more at work.


The space was made by three layers of metal rings attached to the ceiling and glass panels hanging down. The panels could easily be moved around changing the connection between the rooms around. The panels could be placed one after the other or in upto three layers.


Images of trees printed and fired onto glass in black, white and grey looked different depending on the combinations. When the panels were placed in three layers, an illusion of depth and perspective has been created.


This interior is still in use in the centre of Oslo, where it had to be moved together with the move of the company.



In Short

A commission work for the insuranse company Gjensidige, first at Lysaker and later at Akersgate in Oslo.